The Wind Of Change & The Willows!

England, ‘a green & pleasant land.’ It sounds nice, doesn’t it? ‘UK, garden of the world!’ Amazing!! What about, “Since we met badger and friends, the UK has become one of the most nature depleted places on THE PLANET.” (Quote – Sir David Attenborough – The Wind in The Willows Trailer)

The title, ‘Wind of Change & The Willows,’ is a play on this trailer, and it is thanks to this trailer I feel inspired to do a blog! But you see, if all I do is write a blog, share a post, make a reply on #WilderFuture (do check it out!) then what have I done?

Plastic is rightfully seen as the ‘BIG PROBLEM’ at the moment, but what about our words? We may not see them littered everywhere, but where are they? What good have they done? Imagine if we could see all the empty promises we’ve made? Imagine if we could see the times we’ve got upset and replied in fury, smashing the letters on a keyboard, outraged over a recent tweet, or post, but then sat down and been distracted by entertainment? Who really cares about mole, ratty, badger and toad now? The soap opera is on and the other half is in the other room watching sports!

I would shudder to think the pile our empty words would create, yet so much of this modern age is full of them! I mean, how easy is it to type out a post in the moment, (I’m doing it now!) and sound concerned, only to do nothing in the end! We think plastic is a problem, now imagine the metaphorical pile of empty gestures and words we carelessly throw about!

‘Ah, but you’re doing the same here, just empty words.’ you say, but no, that isn’t the case. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I wasn’t looking for a business, but one was born out of necessity. My care for wildlife outstripped what I didn’t have. I had no more room in the garden to plant for wildlife so I got an allotment, there was no room at the allotment to help pollinators, so I started a business! Why? Because I didn’t want the fact I had no more room to help wildlife stop me from helping others do the same! All of our plants are wildlife friendly. The categories make it easy – we have plants for bees, butterflies and birds There really is no excuse to not help wildlife these days, we have the internet and a wealth of information. Maybe though, that is the problem? Maybe we have too much information? Maybe we have too many concerns and entertainment is needed to take us away from these issues?


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I believe to not do something now would be an insult to our future generation. I get days where I feel so overwhelmed by the problems facing wildlife alone that I do think, ‘what is the point?’ Sometimes the information is so constant my brain seems to freeze! So, what do we do? We MUST take ourselves away from this constant chatter and reading of doom, even stop reading this blog if you have to, and contemplate what we are receiving.

If you do nothing else after this post, take a break! Play with loved ones, take a walk, do some gardening, volunteer, but DO NOT put on the telly, click on youtube, or any other social media site, as it is only when we stop that we can process and begin to figure out anything. Stopping is not always idleness, in fact, I would argue that much of what we do today is idleness! No, take some time. Let the brain settle, remove the junk and really think about what it is you can do!

I believe that everyone has a certain thing they can do, a bit of knowledge they can pass on or money they can give. Does that mean we can do all of those things? No! But the fact you can do one of those things is something, we can only work with what we have and I believe there is a responsibility to use what we have. You may not feel the call to help wildlife, the poor maybe your thing, perhaps the young or the old, the foreigner or your neighbour. But please, take some time, reflect on your heart and consider wisely your concerns, because where your concerns are, your care is, and where your care is, your action is needed! ‘The Wind of Change & The Willows.’ If only it were for good!

“Together we’re better; let’s create a buzz!”

Adam Young – a buzz & a flutter

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