Returns policy

Unfortunately we do not accept plants back as we do not want to risk contaminating our stock with possible diseases, or pests that have unwittingly been sent with the plant.

If you do have a problem with a plant, then please contact us within 14 days at, but we will not accept that a plant was in poor condition, especially when we know how much love has gone into it. If a plant is in poor health due to an irregular amount of time with one of our couriers, then please let us know and we can deal with that ourselves, although we will need full proof of delivery, address, date and time, plus the original dispatch date and will make a decision once we know all of the details. Of course we will keep you up to date as it is common courtesy to do so, even if we haven’t yet heard anything. Our customer service comes from a belief of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

If you find that your plant looks a bit pale/yellow in leaf, or appears a bit droopy, then please don’t worry, it is most likely that the plant has needed light whilst it has been in the box, which is why we advise they be taken out immediately after receiving them. They will have been well watered before sending, so please, unless it’s been in transit an abnormal amount of time, or been particularly hot, do not water the plant till the soil is dry when scratching the top surface away, at which point, it is best to water from the bottom (pop the plant in a tray/saucer) and it should be fine. Remember, plants need light for photosynthesis, that is, to convert sun light into sugars/starch through the leaves, so please DO NOT leave plants in the box!