At a buzz & a flutter we want to be as transparent about our product and what we do as possible, so we have created this page to give you an idea of what you can expect from us and be confident you’ll receive a quality product, which has been grown with wildlife and the environment considered every step of the way. 

We are absolutely passionate about plants and wildlife, and we want you to be too, which is why we seek to give you all the knowledge you need to target the wildlife you want to see. Our wildlife is in trouble, pollinator numbers have plummeted, butterflies are absent and bird numbers are crashing – we just couldn’t sit by and watch it any more. The truth is, we want to have a space where our children can interact with nature, which won’t be possible if things carry on the way they are. We set this company up as a consequence to our concern, with the aim of getting pollinators buzzing again, not just in our gardens, but YOURS too! That’s the joy of what we do, for us and our children! 

Peat Free!

It is the life force of our company and you can be assured that it’s not taking from the life force of our planet. Peat bogs are being raided quicker than they can be replaced and seeing as they lock in carbon, that’s a big deal, so at a buzz and a flutter, we only use peat free compost in our growing. In terms of buying stock in, we have little control over our suppliers growing medium, and we want to be honest about this, but even here, we try to use other peat free growers. As the company grows, we hope to be able to propagate all of our own material and thus avoid the problem of other growers using peat.

Plastic Free!

We are nearly 100% plastic free in our delivering, so please bare with us, because water and cardboard do not mix well!

Occasionally we may have to send a plant in a pot simply to stop the soil from collapsing, but we will definitely be 100% plastic free with deliveries very soon! 


Pesticide Free!

We use only natural and biological methods to grow your plants, making sure we only ever put back into the environment what it first gave us! 

Sometimes we might have to buy stock in and we have little control over their methods, but again, we do try to source from suppliers with the same ethos if possible

*the 'not so small' PLEASE NOTE!

Not everyone has been gardening for years, so not everyone knows what a perennial plant will be like early in the growing season, so we’ve attached a photo! It might not look like much, but the plant in the picture is full of promise and just waiting to get going once the temperature and light levels improve. Perennials go dormant in the winter and generally wait under ground till the winter has passed before springing up new growth – This is important to know, because early on in the season, the plant you receive from us may well look like this and we’d hate for you to be disappointed, believing we’ve sold you a dud! One decision we have made is to go against the industry norm and not sell dormant plants. Yes it means we don’t make sales over winter, but the truth is, if we sell you a plant without signs of growth, which is perfectly normal for a perennial at that time, then how do we know 100% that it is alive? No, we don’t, so we don’t take your cash, or the risk, and instead wait for signs of life before we send out anything.