Now for a little about us!

                Hello, and welcome to “a buzz & a flutter” we hope you like it here!

So, who are we and what are we about?

We are a family run plant nursery with the aim of getting bees buzzing again. We sell the very best in pollinator attracting plants, so that you, our customers, can make your garden a haven for wildlife.
Wildlife has suffered terribly since the 50’s, with hedges ripped out for larger mono-carpet fields of chemical and pesticide sprayed crops, land being built on at a great rate, with gardens and driveways being paved over, leaving fewer homes for wildlife. It is our aim to provide you with the very best plants and knowledge to attract the wildlife that so desperately needs our help.

Gardens needn’t be barren places, concreted over and devoid of life, they can be real wildlife havens, and if we all do our bit, then together, we’ll certainly make a difference. We have plants for all sorts of different flying insects and different garden situations. For example, did you know that Lamb’s ear, (Stachys Byzantina – pictured on the left) with it’s soft, silvery leaves, are great for the wool carder bee, or that Sweet Rocket (Hesperis – pictured below) gives off a heady scent at night in order to attract night flying moths? You didn’t? Well don’t worry, because we do and we will help you to choose the best possible plants for your gardens! We will make sure we list our plants with as much information as possible, and, being that we love wildlife, will also look to include a list of what wildlife will be attracted, so that you can target specific types. What’s more, we have made a series of plant collections for different situations, so that you and wildlife can gain the maximum from the smallest, to the driest of places.

So, plants is ‘what we’re about,’ and helping wildlife is our aim! So, welcome again to “a buzz & a flutter” and we hope you feel as at home here, as wildlife does with our plants!