A Buzz & A Flutter Introduction

Hello, and welcome to a buzz & a flutter, the very best place for information and plants for attracting wildlife to your garden!

By now, it must be obvious to most people that wildlife is in trouble. Starlings, once seen murmurating in their tens of thousands are now down by about 66% since the 70’s; house sparrows, once so common in our gardens are down by 71% during that same time span; whilst  hedgehogs could be extinct within 10 years, meaning that sadly, neither of my boys, who are yet to see a hedgehog for real, are likely to see them past their teenage years. This is a huge problem and a real concern for me. It was because of this concern that I decided to start up a business, you see, my garden is already fully planted for wildlife and we do very well to attract a whole host of pollinators and birds in our built up Aldershot area, and whilst I have an allotment, that too is now fully planted up for pollinators as well, so I literally have no more space to make an impact myself, so the answer? Easy, start a business and sell you the plants so that you can do it for me! Yes, that’s right, every time you buy a plant from us we are contributing to wildlife in areas I may not ever visit, which means I am no longer limited by the amount of land I have. That is why I say that this business was born out of a’ cause for concern.’ I wasn’t looking for a business, but it became apparent that if I wanted to help nature beyond my own limitations and boundaries, then setting up a business that doesn’t just supply plants, but also provides a wealth of information, was the best way for me to not only help wildlife but educate and enthuse others to do so as well!

If there is one thing I really want to get across in this venture, it is that it is intended to be so much more than a business, the business is there to provide finances so that I can spend more time helping the wildlife I care so much about, that’s true, and is very important if something is to be sustainable, as nothing is free, but at the same time, we genuinely want people to feel like they have the knowledge and the confidence that comes from knowledge, to go out there and make a difference as well.

This started with the plight of Starlings, sparrows and the possibly soon to become extinct hedgehog, but the good news is, (and we need to hear good news if we are to have any hope) that we have seen some amazing comebacks with the help of countless volunteers and wildlife groups. Bitterns are booming, (yes that’s a pun!) great bustards are back on the Salisbury plains and perhaps the biggest success story of recent times, red kites are in their thousands, having only numbered about 100 birds. Now we might not have the plants here at a buzz and a flutter to help the bitterns and the kites, but we do have the information and the plants you need to help wildlife in your garden. So remember, “together we’re better; lets create a buzz!”

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